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The Fallen Fighter Fund


             An ancient Assyrian warrior holds his ground under a hail of arrow fire

Welcome to the “Fallen Fighter Fund,” an ongoing campaign by RNNF to provide financial support to individuals who have been wounded or families who have had members killed while fighting ISIS and other enemies of the people of the Nineveh Plain.

Here is how it works:

We carefully screen cases of individuals wounded, injured or killed by ISIS and other enemies the Assyrian nation.

After selecting a wounded person or family who has lost a member, we make a careful evaluation of their needs, be those medical or financial, and set a financial target for helping them deal with their expenses.

We then make that person or family know to you, keeping track of how your donations are helping them recover from their injuries or loss.

In the past we have helped Christians like Bolous Mirza.

Bolous was wounded by shrapnel in his spinal column in early June of 2015 during the recent fight against ISIS outside the city of Al-Hasakah. Bolous is also suffering from a tearing of his intestines, and underwent surgery in Al-Hassakeh. Once in stable condition he was taken to the city of Qamishly and then transferred to Damascus for more specialized care.

Though Bolous has survived his injuries, reports are that he lost (at least) the use of his legs for life, and will require ongoing treatment and care.

Bolous is a young man in his early thirties, and due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, is now facing a life of extreme poverty and hardship.

Our goal for was Bolous is $10,000.00, which will see to his immediate medical care and, we intend, move him to Europe for more specialized treatment.

To help with the Fund, we are suggesting a donation amount of $100.00, but all amount are welcome. Click on the button below, please consider a monthly donation, and let’s get the fallen Christian fighters the help they need!

Yes, I want to help support the Fallen Fighter Fund!